Looking for Stellar Style? Meet Stara Glam!

Whether you are flipping through the glossy pages of your latest fashion magazine or enjoying the colorful publication on your iPad, do you ever wonder who is responsible for assembling the featured designer looks?

Photo from Washington Life Magazine

Photo c/o of Stara Pezeshkian.

I’m lucky enough to know one such creative genius.  Stara Pezeshkian, the owner of Stara Glam, is an experienced creative director and stylist for fashion photo shoots, runway shows, and commercial campaigns.  Her impressive resume includes features in Capitol File, The Georgetowner, Washington Life, Face-On, Style-ology, and more.  I recently talked to this creative powerhouse about where she finds inspiration, her insider tips on how to break into the fashion industry, her must-have list for stellar fall style, and how she balances her busy schedule with raising her four children.

SLM:  Tell us about yourself and your love for fashion and style.

Stara Pezeshkian:  My father raised me to appreciate fashion and interior design.  When I was a kid, my latest fashion magazine was always on my nightstand next to my bed.  Though, my passion for style and fashion was planted early, I pursued the more traditional liberal arts training and earned a bachelor’s degree in education.  After I had kids, I reflected on what I wanted to do with my life. I love my kids with all of my heart, but knew I could do more.  After some soul searching, I came back to my passion for style and fashion.

SLM:  How did you break into the fashion industry?

Stara Pezeshkian:  I already knew my own style, but I needed to know the industry.  To get that training, I volunteered to assist an established stylist and after a year, I had built the confidence for a test shoot.  I submitted the photographs from the test shoot to agencies in my area and signed with T.H.E. Artist Agency.   Then, I was out on my own, booking photos shoots and runway shows, and keeping busy with my four kids all the while.

SLM:  Wow.  Four kids must create a busy schedule.  How do you manage a blossoming career with raising a family?

Stara Pezeshkian:  It is not easy, but the work is well worth it.  I am passionate about my family and about my career, so all the hard work pays off.  My kids’ needs always come first, followed by the needs of Stara Glam.  I prioritize my daily routine in that order and plug-in work at every free moment.  Sometimes, I’m dictating emails from the car while picking up the kids from play dates and other times I’m combining trips to the grocery store with garment pick-ups from the department store.  It is busy, but it works for me and I love it.  

SLM:  It sounds like you have no “formal” training in fashion.  Is that unusual?

Stara Pezeshkian:  My journey perfectly illustrates that formal training and a degree from a fashion institution are not prerequisites for success.  There is no substitute for sincere passion and unique talent, and those qualities simply cannot be taught.  If you want to break into styling, figure out who you need to know in the industry.  Then build your portfolio and use social media to promote your talent.   


Photo from Washington Life Magazine.

Behind the scenes with Stara, styling. Photo c/o Stara Pezeshkian.

SLM:  Take us behind the scenes. What goes into your preparation for a photo shoot?

Stara Pezeshkian:  Preparation is everything.  After I book a job, I immediately start my creative process.  I make sure that I know the client well and the client’s audience – after all, I’m styling to appeal to the client’s audience, not my own.   I am the most creative in the early morning hours before everyone in my house wakes.  During that time, my mind races with images of colors and textiles.  After I have a rough sketch of the look, I’m off to do the shopping.   

SLM:  Tell us about the shopping.  It seems your shoots feature high-end merchandise.  Do you always shop with a big budget at department stores or are you able to score designer looks on a dime? 

Stara Pezeshkian:  I pull many of the latest high-end looks from department stores, but I’m no stranger to boutique designer consignment shops.  I love bargains.  Some of my favorite shops are Ella Rue and Tari.  If I am going to shop online, then I like SnobSwap.   And, let’s not forget about the outlets.  There are buried treasures there to keep us all looking great on a shoestring budget.

SLM:  Based on your years of styling, what three items do you recommend every woman’s wardrobe should contain?

Stara Pezeshkian:  Every woman should own a great pair of vintage Chanel clip-on earrings.  Nothing says classic like Chanel.   Leopard pumps are sassy, yet sophisticated, and will add some spice to any little black dress.  Finally, a perfectly tailored black jumpsuit will come in handy for countless occasions.   Consignment shops would be great places to make these purchases!

SLM:  What hot trends do you see for Fall 2013?

Stara Pezeshkian:  Leather is going to be everywhere.  Evolving from this year’s color blocking trend, we are going to see leather panels in garments and leather trim on dresses.  It will be edgy.  We will continue to see black leather boots and leopard print – both classic looks.  I think baseball caps are going to be making a statement this season.  I’m enjoying J. Crew’s new line of luxury baseball caps, especially the leopard print cap.

SLM:  How do you describe your personal style and do you have a style icon?

Washington Life cover, photographer Monica True. Photo from Washington Life Magazine.

Stara styled for this cover of Washington Life! Photographer: Monica True. Photo from Washington Life Magazine.


Stara Pezeshkian:  My personal style is simple and clean.  I like perfectly tailored classic looks balanced with edgy statement jewelry to keep it interesting.  My style icon is Bianca Jagger, Mick Jagger’s former spouse.  In my opinion, she has phenomenal taste and always looks perfect.  Beyond her style, I admire Bianca Jagger for her life-long humanitarian efforts.   

SLM:  It is no secret that fashion industry is occasionally criticized for its portrayal of women.  What do you have to say about that?

Stara Pezeshkian: The industry is changing.  We are moving away from the concept that beauty is a stick-thin woman and embracing the idea that a happy, healthy woman is a beautiful woman.  I’m excited to be a part of this industry at a time when it is evolving.  I hope I can impact it in a positive way.

SLM:  What do you see next for Stara Glam?

Stara Pezeshkian: Clothing design.  Stay tuned. *You can follow Stara on  or check her out on .

SLM:  Finish this sentence… “When life gives you lemons…”

Stara Pezeshkian: Grab some sugar, sprinkle it on, and enjoy the tart with the sweet.

We like that answer.


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