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When I’m not in heels at the office, I’m typically running around New York City in sneakers.

I love rocking my running shoes for exercise and my Keds for commuting. They’re comfortable, quick to slip on and off and allow me to scoot around the city in a hurry if need be. However, I feel like I can’t wear the first without dawning full-on workout gear and don’t always get the support I need walking for miles in the second.  Talk about #FirstWorldFootwearProblems.

Finding a shoe that meets somewhere in the middle of road race gear and cutesy lace-ups proved difficult. As such, I’ve long been on the hunt for a stylish athletic shoe that is comfortable and conducive to street style with a bit of an edge – that perfect pair of kicks.

Then I discovered Heroyk.

An athletic shoe designed for the female foot, offering great support and just a touch of masculinity. Comfortable, durable and sporty.


Of little surprise here, there’s a science behind the support. Mike Friton, the lead innovator at Heroyk, has been an innovator in the footwear industry for over 30 years. He is the former Senior Innovator at Nike’s esteemed Innovative Kitchen and has 14 patents for Nike. His expertise helps Heroyk design a shoe customized for the human foot that caters to anatomical gender differences.

And did I mention they’re charitable to boot? Heroyk’s program, Kicks for Flicks, uses a percentage of revenue from its sneaker sales to produce short films to create and empower change; one upcoming documentary will be on human trafficking. Shopping for sneaks while making a difference in the world? Done and done.

More than any other feature, I’m obsessed with the inscription on the souls of the shoe: “Go forth in pursuit of your dreams.” A daily reminder with every stride.


In terms of sizing, I have rather tiny feet (size 5) and Heroyk does not sell smaller than a size 6 shoe. The 6 gave me quite a bit of wiggle room, so if you need a smaller shoe, keep in mind that their product does indeed fit true to size.

Check out Heroyk’s sneaks in a variety of colors here.


*Heroyk provided product, however Sweet Lemon was not compensated for this review. Content represents  honest opinions. 

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