Burberry Goes Digital

I read an article this morning about Burberry’s new flagship store on Regent Street in London…and all I have to say is: OMG! This looks insane. I would love to plan a trip to London sometime in my near future, of course just because it is London, but I also wouldn’t mind stopping in at 121 Regent Street.

Burberry goes digital
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Burberry is clearly paving the way for the rest of the fashion world as far as digital innovation goes (and I’m glad to see a luxury retailer be the first to pioneer this).

The idea behind the store is to integrate the digital and physical worlds of Burberry; boasting multiple interactive TV screens and mirrors, as well as RFID tags embedded into clothing and accessories. Watch the video below to see what I’m talking about…the simultaneous rain storm is so cool! Not only is the new store a Burberry lover’s mecca, but the man behind it all, Chief Creative Officer Christopher Bailey, describes the flagship as “a place that you can come just to hangout.” I’m impressed Burberry…I’m impressed.

I’m excited to see what else the future of fashion holds!


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