Surviving the Heat: Intern Edition

While the majority of us welcome the warmth of summer with open arms after freezing winters (particularly in the north!), the often-unbearable heat of this summer so far has made venturing into the great outdoors an uncomfortable affair, to say the least. The recent heat wave coupled with the frigid A/C that flows through most office buildings makes the already daunting task of what to wear while interning that much more difficult.

Surviving the Heat: Intern Edition

In addition, working in a corporate environment, as opposed to a creative one, can limit outfit options all the more. However, with a few closet basics in rotation you can survive running intern errands in the stifling heat while keeping your style intact. Yes, I’ve pictured some “dream pieces” in the image above (Victoria Beckham shift dress and leather Rebecca Taylor skater skirt, anyone?) but either of these outfits can translate to keeping cool in their respective office environments.

On the right, I’ve pictured an outfit that would work in a creative internship, such as at a fashion- or art-based company. While the leather skater skirt may not immediately translate to the idea of keeping cool, the short length and loose shape ensure that your gams get plenty of fresh air. In addition, paired with a pale sleeveless tie-front blouse, strappy sandals (ok, yes they’re Hermes… I got a little carried away with my “dream pieces”), and pastel earrings, the look is appropriate for a creative office yet still has a feminine, warm-weather vibe.

While leather skirts and funky blouses may work for an internship at Condé Nast — where I am currently an intern at Allure Magazine and see much more quirky office attire on a daily basis — for an internship in a business environment, such as finance or law, your outfit choices are more limited. The safest (and coolest) bet is always a shift dress that falls just above the knee, while accessories are the place to let your personal style through, such as the J. CREW necklace pictured.

To the far left are outfit elements that work with either the conservative or creative intern outfits. A cardigan in a neutral color is a must for an office environment, where the A/C can be overwhelmingly freezing. Add classic black Ray-Ban Wayfarers and a blue Longchamp Le Pliage bag and you can’t go wrong!

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