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Brittany Custer Photography

One beautiful thing about the community born of Sweet Lemon Magazine is the outpouring of love, support, and adoration among the women. We are constantly reaching out to other females who we see talent in, that exemplify the Sweet Lemon’s “Jane of All Trades”. Today, I’d like to introduce you to just another one of those extraordinary ladies.

Brittany Custer, a full- time college student, sorority girl, part- time retail worker is also the founder/ president/ CEO/ boss lady of Brittany Sheree Photography.

Being a rabid sports fan with her father, she started grabbing his camera to take shots of the athletes. College came and Brittany dove deeper into her passion by choosing photography as a major. When people she didn’t even know started reaching out to her for her work, she knew something was taking off.

Mounds of paperwork later, and still a senior in college, Brittany is now owner of her own photography company. Traveling all over the greater Baltimore and Washington, D.C. area, Brittany is hoping to continue supporting and cultivating herself as well as her business.

But she keeps one thing in mind to maintain her own personal balance; “Don’t do anything that causes you to compromise your own style and individuality.”

A budding entrepreneur, Brittany is just waiting for her diploma and still trying to make it to sorority functions while keeping her weekends free for her ever booked photography career. And you can’t not fall in love with this girl. She defines being a working adult as meaning she can eat dessert before dinner. Brilliant.

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