How-To: Hosting A Spring Brunch

A wise Real Housewife once said, “Love is in the details”. Coincidentally, this is the motto I attempt to follow whenever hosting my friends, in large or small gatherings, with frills or without.

Now I’m the first to admit that I probably spend more time than most, tying every bow, shopping for the perfect tablescape, personalizing every detail and prepping in the kitchen. However, I do have a few guidelines and tips to share to help you plan the perfect brunch, bridal shower or birthday party this Spring season.

Once you make your guest list, send out your invites (digital or snail), it’s time to start prepping and planning. Oh yes, and contrary to popular belief, you really don’t have to be Martha Stewart to pull this off in a way that is both pleasing to the eye and your invited guests.

This month, I hosted a small Spring brunch for a group of close girlfriends and hopefully my tips inspire you to do the same!

SweetLemonMag_EasterBrunch1.jpgDress: Ann Taylor Loft

Spring Tablescape:

I remember laughing at Sandra Lee and all her crazy-detailed tablescapes when I was growing up and alas, now I am trying to perfect them! Plus, who doesn’t enjoy a good  photo and tablescapes are just the perfect photos to capture.

Sweet Lemon Mag Easter Brunch 3.jpg

  • Pick a color scheme (a la pink & turquoise).
  • Buy paper products accordingly (I found these adorable polka dot napkins & straws at Target!).
  • Set the table (This is where ol’ “b” & “d” hand trick comes in handy. For brunch, I placed 3 glasses by each setting, YES THREE! Flutes for mimosas, glasses for water & mugs for coffee).
  • Buy fresh flowers (Nicole Stoner told me in the latest issue of SLM, that she is a firm believer that you can never have enough candles or coffee table books sprinkled around the home. Well, I would add one more thing to that list – fresh flowers. They are lovely to smell, pretty to the eye and add just the right touch to a meal. I chose colorful tulips, washed out some mason jars, and voila! I would recommend buying the evening before so they have a chance to sit out in the sunlight and really look their best).
  • Finish with the details (You can choose how little or much you do of this – personalized name tents, tiny bows on silverware, whatever you fancy – this is what makes your guests feel special and your table look beautiful!  Paper Source & Michaels have some charming little finds at affordable prices too!)

Spring Menu:

Every gathering will vary a little but be sure to keep all your guests in minds when planning a menu (vegetarians and carnivores alike). Below is a sample menu that I put together and used for my brunch.

Sweet Lemon Mag Easter Brunch 2.jpg

Macarons by Macaron Bee:

  • Let’s start with dessert because that’s more fun! My favorite local place to purchase macarons was kind enough to send us a few boxes to enjoy – in Spring colors, of course! Pink (rose), yellow (lemon & coconut), lavender (& chocolate), lime (pistachio) – these were so pretty, we almost didn’t indulge – almost. If you ever make a trip to the Georgetown neighborhood in DC, please do stop by their charming little shop on Wisconsin Ave.  Fortunately for me, it’s just a hop, skip and a jump away from my house.
  • Freshly chopped fruit salad (strawberries, blueberries & grapes – whatever is in season!).
  • Egg, Cheese & Hashbrown (and some sausage) Mini Bites.
  • Homemade French Toast (regular and gluten free for yours truly – check out my favorite recipe HERE).
  •  Homemade Blueberry Muffins.
  •  Mimosa Bar (complete with juices of your choosing and fresh strawberries for a splash).
  •  Coffee Bar (don’t forget the cream and sugar!).
  •  Baked Raspberry Brie (apple slices, grapes and crackers on the side).

I’m lucky that I also have some very talented friends in the kitchen who brought along muffins and Spring colored deviled eggs (, ladies).

Spring Party Favor:

You know the old rule when attending parties, “Never show up empty-handed”? Well, I also believe guests should never leave empty-handed. I mean how fun were goody bags as a kid at birthday parties and who says it has to end now?

Below is a fun Spring craft-turned-party-favor that’s easy to do and a nice keepsake for your guests.

Sweet Lemon Mag Tablescape Photo

Candy Mason Jars:


  • Small mason jars (enough for each guest).
  • Fabric of your choosing (I chose two prints to mix it up!)
  • Ribbon (choose corresponding ones that will match your fabric prints).
  • Jar “filler” (I chose ribbon as well but you could use paper confetti or “grass”).
  • Candy (this should be easy).     


  1. Fill each mason jar with your “filler”.
  2. Throw in the sweets.
  3. Cut up the fabric to place over the top & secure with mason lid rim.
  4. Tie on a ribbon and there you have it!

I hope I inspired you a little to host your own brunch or party! Bright colored sundresses and bubbly are strongly encouraged, but completely optional.

Happy Spring!


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