Practical Graduation Style

Practical Graduation Style

Dress / leather shoes / wayfarer sunglasses / travel umbrella /  lip cosmetic / eye shadow / Sun care

It’s May, which means graduation season is officially upon us! While a lot of us may have already walked across the stage and moved our tassels, there’s a good chance someone else in your life will be going through the ceremonial transition. Style is a big part of the day, but looking great at these ceremonies is often a matter of making practical, crisp choices for the festivities.


Keep it classic

Whether you’re the one graduating or you’re a cheering family or friend in the crowd, one thing is for certain: graduation is picture central. Today’s digital age means those pictures will likely last forever, so consider how your outfit might look 5, 10, and 25 years from now. Don’t use this as an opportunity to try out the trend of the moment. Pick clean and classic cuts like an a-line dress. Also stick to solids or traditional patterns like stripes and florals. Not only will you look chic, but your photo won’t be likely to make you cringe when flipping through a photo album years later.


Embrace the natural

Keep your makeup light and fresh, especially if the ceremony will be held outdoors. A simple coat of a light foundation or tinted moisturizer, neutral eyeshadow and liner, a little mascara, and a nice gloss or soft lipstick will hold up well in the heat.


Consider all weather conditions

Graduations typically mean lots of time outside, whether for the ceremony or photo ops. The one thing that’s never for sure, though, is the weather. When picking out your outfit and hairstyle, contemplate how they will hold up if you get stuck in a downpour.


Don’t make a drastic changes

The day before my high school graduation I chopped off all my hair. BIG mistake. It wasn’t that it was necessarily a bad haircut, but I was still learning how to best style it and immediately had to jump into an important event where I wanted to look great. If you’re thinking of cutting your hair, trying a new shade, or any other type of major beauty change, consider doing it AFTER the graduation so you don’t run the risk of any blunders on the big day.


Be cozy

Graduation ceremonies are long, even for smaller liberal arts schools or high schools. You may have a dress you love, but ask yourself how it will feel after sitting for 3 hours straight in it. The same goes for shoes. Pick something cute but comfortable. Campus grounds, gymnasiums, stadiums, and auditoriums often aren’t the best place for stilettos.



Outdoor ceremonies come with lots of direct sun time. Be sure to apply plenty of sunscreen before and keep some on hand for reapplication. Wear makeup and lip balm or lip gloss with SPF in them, and don’t forget some killer shades to protect the eyes!



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