Goldie Blox takes a sledge hammer to girly notions

As the time continues to pass by, the female revolution does not always revolve on the typical pink dresses and glitters and diamonds because the face of the feminism nowadays is much stronger and bolder than before. With that being said, the society is now welcoming the new face of the female revolution wherein women are given the freedom to be more comfortable on what they wanted them to be in the eyes of many. Girls could now work even when they are pregnant or raising a kid as they can easily sell things online or trade binary options with Quantum Code.

We’re here again, friends. Another Goldie Blox advertisement warming our hearts and bringing out our 11- year- old Spice Girl lovin’, girl power preachin’ selves.

Much like the Hello Flo campaign this past summer, Goldie Blox is hoping to encourage girls to be comfortable with who they are in this restricting society. They call to all  future female engineers to think critically and not be confined to baby dolls and sparkly skirts. What began as a kickstart campaign by Debbie Sterling and her obsession with “disrupting the pink aisle”, is now a full fledged war (and I like to think small victory already) on gender norms in childhood.

The fun and femme revolution doesn’t stop at this commercial. Peek at their other videos on their YouTube Channel.

Tell us what you think? Would you have added these to your Christmas list in 1996? I know I’m buying these for my nieces this year.