We fully endorse drunk dialing if you’re calling congress

Simple Binary Options Investing Tips That Everyone Should Know

If you are planning to buy a binary options, you are now going to have a share of the company that you have purchased from. There is a piece of paper or certification that will verify and recognize you in having an ownership on the part of the company; it will be the one to provide you your share of the resources and the profits of the company. So if you are planning to invest, there are several factors that you need to consider first to make sure that you can get the most out of your hardly-earned money. Selecting the right trading software is just one of them – don’t fall for scams like Lexington Code.

Evaluate your financial situation first

Make sure that before you go on searching for the company make sure that you can provide the funds that the company will need because buying a binaries is a commitment already. If you have unpaid debts, then you have to earn enough money first to build a solid foundation on finance.

Consider the risk vs. return

The concept of binary options trading is that if you opt for a higher return, then you should go on a little bit riskier. But if you are afraid of the risks then you cannot expect to have higher returns on your investment. There are also some investors who just settle between an extreme risk and risk-ready to get a satisfying return.

Learn to diversify

You should know too well that a certain company has its sizes, sectors as well as patterns for developments. If you wanted to get higher returns, then you should consider investing your money in different kinds of assets. For instance, if you would put all of your money in technology options only, then you will eventually lose all of your investment if it falls.

Do not involve your personal emotion

It is important that you know how to control your emotions. Do not just depend on your decision on the fluctuations and always think before you make a decision. Trading binary options is a long-term commitment, therefore, you want to make it stable as much as possible by not involving your emotions.

Always buy at low rate and sell at high price

If you wanted to gain higher returns, then only buy it when the rate is much lower. After that, you can sell it when the rate is much higher to get higher returns on your investment. In protecting your portfolio, always keep in mind that you should only start on harvesting your asset if it had been done very well so that you will be able to increase its value as well as its price.

Choose a reputable company

To make sure that you are going to have higher returns, only invest in a well-known company to make sure that you will be able to enjoy the consistent performance and always keep in mind that nothing is permanent nor guaranteed in binary options trading.

Hello Congress? It’s me your constituent!

On Thursday Revolving Messaging launched a new way for Americans to voice their anger and frustration over the government shutdown – and lucky for you, it involves drinking!

Drunkdialcongress.org gives you the power to call a Congressional representative and express to them why you think it is time for a compromise to be made. All you have to do is log on to the site, enter your phone number, and a 1-800 number will call you back within seconds to connect you to a randomly selected phone line for a member of Congress.

“What we would really love is this gets this more people contacting their member of Congress and urging them to stop the shutdown,” Revolving Messaging Founder and CEO Keegan Goudiss told Sweet Lemon. “A phone call, second to an in-person meeting, is the most effective way to get your opinion heard.”

Within the first day over 5,000 calls have been made and the site has had over 150,000 unique views. “Whether you are a furloughed worker, being forced to work for free, or just fed up at Capitol Hill: Call and yell at a random member of Congress” the sites tagline encourages.

Not sure what to say if you are connected with a representative? The site has everything you need from talking points about the shtudown to drink recipes you can make before, during, or after you talk to lawmakers. They are also looking for drink suggestions to add to the site, so if you’ve been known to make a mean cocktail – get in touch with them via e-mail, drinks@revolutionarymessaging.com.

We definitely know what we’ll be doing this weekend. Call and let us know how it goes. Maybe record it and send it to us on Twitter or tag us on Instagram.

Bottoms up and happy dialing!

By Abby Borovitz